UR Relocation Program

20% COMMISSION REBATE AVAILABLE on home sale or home purchase.*

Need help moving? Feel overwhelmed by more information than you can sift through, or underwhelmed by the truly helpful information you can find? We're here to help - truly. As of August 2013, Joyner Fine Properties has contracted with UR to provide a Relocation Service Program to the University, as well as a Valued Employee Program for current employees, and we want to do the absolute best job we can in serving the UR community.

Relocation Counseling

Personal Relocation Counseling is provided throughout your whole move to help you and your family understand the move process. A member of our Joyner Relocation team will reach out to you and perform an initial needs assessment, finding out your particular situation. We will do our best to get the right information about the Richmond area into your hands, and when you're ready, we will move forward with discovering your additional needs for the move and we will walk you through the steps to make a smooth transition from your current home to your new home in Richmond.
In the initial needs assessment, we will request a lot of information from you. Know that the information is for Joyner Fine Properties' use only, and we will not share it with others until we have permission from you to do so. This might include sharing with lenders, title companies, property managers, household goods movers, cooperating brokers or referral-receiving brokers. Any information we share will be solely for the purpose of providing relocation services to you, and we will always inform you of who is getting your information.
We should have already contacted you (or will soon) to complete a needs assessment, or you may also call 804-967-2710 to get started.
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Orientation Tours

To help you get to know Richmond, we provide orientation tours, either for you individually or in groups with others (at your preference). We are passionate about Richmond and all it has to offer, and we want to provide you with a WOW experience when you come to get to know our area. An orientation tour is complementary, and you will see areas of business, recreation, entertainment, sports, and maybe a few homes as examples of what Richmond has to offer - all tailored to your particular needs. We don't ever want you to feel pressure regarding your choice to move or to find a home. Sit back and enjoy the ride.
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Home Finding Assistance

Renters: We will work with you on rental location and application.
Finding a rental can be a particularly frustrating process, because there is a LOT of misinformation out there. Very often scammers will grab listings for sale and post them on free websites showing them for rent at a low cost. We have the tools to recognize these scams and to provide you with correct information about rentals. We can assist you in finding apartments, townhomes, or single family homes for rent. The rental market in Richmond is tight (rentals go fast), and not all rentals are well-advertised, but we will work with you to find the best please possible for you.
*Buyers: Get a 20% rebate on the single-side (buying side) commission.
The big question when finding a home to purchase: "Why get help? All of the information is on the Internet, and I can find it myself." It may be true that all of the information is available, but the information for homes available online is not always reliable (most is, but some isn't). Additionally, there can be many pitfalls to buying a house, and the job of a REALTOR® in representing you is to work on your behalf, to alert you to the possible pitfalls, to negotiate pricing, and to help you get in a strong and attractive offer in this competitive home market. Finally, using a REALTOR® to purchase a home does not cost you anything; the REALTOR® is paid out of the commission of the sale of the home, which comes from the seller's proceeds.

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Home Sale Assistance (at origin)

*Joyner's network partners through LeadingRE have trained relocation listing agents. Get a 20% rebate on the single-side commission.

When the opportunity to relocate comes along, we know that dealing with the details of selling your current home can be one of the toughest parts. So you can focus on getting to know a new city and the new endeavors you have there, we provide home sale assistance, no matter where you are. Getting started:

  • Step 1: If not done so already, you provide your name, address, and contact information with Joyner Relocation.
  • Step 2: Joyner Relocation researches the area of your home and identifies a network partner (or partners) with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®* (LeadingRE).
  • Step 3: After getting your permission, Joyner Relocation shares your name, address, and contact information with the company (or companies) identified above.
  • Step 4: The partner company (or companies) will contact you and set up a time to see your home and have a conversation about listing and marketing your property.

You always have the final decision regarding with whom to list your home. We may provide you with several companies so that you can compare the pricing and marketing strategies of a few agents - it is common to interview 2 agents from different brokerages in a relocation. The major benefits to choosing an agent through your relocation program are:

  1. Companies chosen truly are the leaders in their markets, and leaders in relocation. Click to learn more - Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®.
  2. Agents with LeadingRE companies have undergone relocation-specific training in order to best serve their relocating clients.
  3. Joyner Relocation will be provided with updates on the listing progress and can intervene if any issues arise.
  4. If you move to Richmond before your home sells, your agent will care for your property in your absence, until it closes.
  5. You receive a 20% rebate on the listing-side commission on or after closing.
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Household Goods Move

UR has a list of movers who provide discounts to employees, which is great because, other than a home purchase, your Household Goods Move is the largest expense of a relocation.
You can use any mover you like, but how do you compare them? We will help you in acquiring competing bids for full- and partial-service moves with continual support start-to-finish. Each move is different - some will prefer a DIY move with a container or rental truck, while others prefer to have everything handled for them. Whatever your preference, your Relocation Counselor will help you explore the options and decide in which direction to go. We can manke recommendations of some trusted movers, and if there are any issues, we will be your back-up to work with the moving company to remedy those issues.
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Partner / Family Assistance

Very often, the stress and work of a move falls most heavily on the spouse or partner of the relocating employee. Being highly aware of this, we want to do everything we can to help your partner become comfortable with the new place and to find the resources he or she needs to settle in to Richmond well. A lot of what we do in this realm is introductions: to employers with job openings, doctors, dentists, vets, school administrators, sports leagues, yoga studios, whatever is most important to you and your family. The success of a relocation most often revolves around family satisfaction, and we want to help you get there.
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Relocation Trained Agents

Our Relocation Agent act as REALTOR® and guide for incoming employees. Your agent is passionate about Richmond and will help you make Richmond your home. We will assign an agent based on your needs assessment; from there we match you up according to your needs and the individual expertise of the agent, as well as some personality or interest matching when possible. Your REALTOR® will be your main source of information about the Richmond area, and you need to be able to truly trust your REALTOR®. If you have any concerns or questions about your REALTOR® assignment, please call Joyner Relocation right away at 804-967-2710.
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UR Relocation Program
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